Same ol, same ol, yet different

User Rating: 4 | Pariah PC
The gameplay sucks by today's standards also the audio is repetitive as hell (the voices, not everything else !) and can't hear "it" at all with stereo sound but the story is all so good ! Seriously; the cutscenes are awesome, I just played and played and played and played just waiting for the next cutscene, funny thing is, that I don't follow. The story lost me as soon as it grabed me and I just bit the bullet and played threw it anyway, I'm slow that way or impatient ! The mutiplayer is cut right out of "Unreal Tournament 2004" obviously ! So if you can get your hands on that game then there is little reason to play this one unless your mod illiterate, but I wouldn't shell out more then $5 for this title (minus shipping).Now excuse the gibberish; afkhlkja saldkfjao ljsadf l;akjdf woeifj avian vavoia hwev wkeovh oiva eoiwn w oegi havkn eovih waoiv hakvnwael a voiaenlwqn;ov v poai aelkawefovocjha e aoweihjoasgv alke pawoeihav aopweih afkan efoa via fiahweoiaf asf aoipwehf awekawe aw efoijapo afmew q e qef aef awef awe fa efa faw feaw efa waef awef awef awef awfa sfa as asd asd fa dfas dasd asd fasd asd fasd fas dfas dfa sdf asdf asd fasd fasd fas df asdf asd fad fa f asd fas dfa sd fa sf sdaf, sorry for calling that gibberish !