All I have to say is that this game should have got a 7/10 at least

User Rating: 7 | Pariah XBOX
Pariah, I got this game off of Amazon for $3? It was worth $3 I'll tell you that much.

The graphics for this Game were halfway decent. There were a few things that I didn't like, but otherwise they were good graphics for any Xbox game of its time period.

Now this is what pisses me off. If you have a Sniper, and shoot someone in the head, it doesn't kill them. If you shoot someone with a Missle Launcher in an area where it normally would kill you in any other game, it doesn't. You need a friggin direct hit. Then throughout the campaign there's huge open spaces, and the same things repeat over and over so you easily get lost a lot. You could spend anywhere up to an hour finding where to go, no joke.

There was also some good parts, though. I thought the boss fights were amazing. I mean they were absolutely amazing boss fights. They require quite a bit of thinking. Very awesome boss fights. A+ on boss fights for me on this one.

Oh, and there's splitscreen co-op, but it seems more like a glitch.

You're some doctor who has no reason to live. There's some girl who has a virus, and you end of getting it from her. You're flying somewhere, and then your ship gets shotdown. I thought the story was somewhat decent, not the worst story, but there's a huge plot twist. Pretty interesting.

Overall, Pariah isn't a half-bad game.