Pariah is a good game but..........

User Rating: 7.5 | Pariah PC
let me try assess the game

1) Level Design: Very Good but repetitive at times, may be too many times.

2) Graphics: They are good enough for these days obviously if you maximize settings and do some tweaking even though config file does not come with many parameters to help do it.

3) Voice acting: Poor

4) Audio: Unbalanced specially on cut scenes.

5) Story: Some Broken

6) Game-play: In general good but there is a big problem IMO with the way the character moves, he will get stuck even trying to pass through a door or walking on stairs. This is, I think the most frustrating thing about the game.

There is not much room for complains since I got this game for about $4.00 including shipping. I can understand people doing some complaining when bought a full price or even half of it. In these days if you want a kind of old school shooter to get a break from modern FPS. This is a good option, there is obviously better old games to try out there like prey or Cold Fear, at the end is your choice.