extremely boring and broken

User Rating: 3 | Pariah PC
Really not much more to say here that hasn't arlreayd been said, but the fact that it's got an average review score of over 6 leads me to believe that gamers are extremely passive and stupid when it comes to gaming these days. This game deserves nothing above a 4. Even running some of the latest updates for the game and the best hardware on my PC you still have to run this game with low/med graphics as firing some weapon and just plain walking makes the things go grey until you move your move around to find a not grey spot.

Shooting is boring, weapons are nah, just plainly a plain FPS that just isn't that great. I was being generous with a 3 I thought.

Broken/broken/broken/broken, when are gaming companies gonna learn to not release broken products, oh thats right when mindless lemmings stop buying their crap for full price.