Futuristic world with present day weapons and boring storyline.

User Rating: 4 | Pariah PC

This game derives a lot from Halo in terms of world design and how the enemy feels. The weapons in the game as provided in the review are average at best. The good part of the game is that the level design feels very futuristic and the game in spite of poorly explained story line still manages to entertain in bits and parts.

The graphics are pretty average and the boss fights are boring. In all the game lacks weapons, story line, graphics but manages good in terms of level design. The main character Jack Mason is hardly explained and the game just manages to be a boring run and gun. The AI is also very inconsistent.

What the game gets right is how the levels feel expansive and the AI is constructed well enough to keep you entertained for a bit.

If you looking for a much better version of this, play Halo 1.