It's a decent game, but its not for everyone.

User Rating: 6.8 | Pariah XBOX
Pariah is a standard fps with no outstanding qualities, although is does have its own high points. Take for example the multi-player mode. It has the basic modes like deathmatch and team death match but it also throws in it's own extras like front line assault and siege. Its not just the multiplayer but the map maker is also a good feature.

Although I've been looking at the high points of Pariah there are definitely more cons than pros. Firstly the frame rate in pariah is slow, the graphics are mediocre and the weapons are boring.

Secondly the story of the game sometimes makes you feel like you missed something important in the game and when the characters talk you think to yourself " Am I supposed to know that?".

Finally, probably the worst part of pariah is the A.I. I found myself once beside a enemy with a gun pointed at him and he didn't even notice me, and even sometimes when you are trying to sneak past an enemy they sneak past you without even looking at you and for a xbox game that is pretty bad.