Paper's Please can be very addictive puzzle game on deciding to enter the country of Arstotzka

User Rating: 8 | Papers, Please PC

When it comes to games on PC and Steam I'm more of those gamers who would play indie title games than playing games that have either been ported to PC or games that are PC only but require a higher hard drive and graphics card to playing games. I find indie games really enjoyable and can easily say that most games that I've played in my time have all been enjoyable; there have been games in the past that have looked on choices and making sure that you have made the right decision or not which you would see a lot in RPG's, Shooters or even Action games.

I heard a lot of praises about Papers, Please when it as first mentioned from some people I knew and on podcast sites, it feels like a retro game but it feels more of a puzzle game where some moments in Papers, Please have some stressing and frustrating moments all based around the choices you have made with each person. Focusing on working as an immigration officer, deciding whom to let in and whom to exclude from entering the country of Arstotzka, having a checkpoint at the border of the country set in 1982 you must inspect everyone's passport, documents and papers checking if everything is filled in correctly and stamping their passport saying its ok for them to enter the country.

If you make more than three mistakes on each level you will lose credits more you lose you will not have enough to feed, pay rent, heating and medicines for your family. It really does get to you when it comes to moments like that especially if you are low on money and thinking what you really need to pay before heading to the next level. For an indie title that has the same visuals that you would see on either the Atari 2600 or Commodore 64, does look impressive bringing both nostalgia and something new in to gaming, when it comes to looking at peoples passports and documents you can see how well the visuals when it comes to inspecting each person and looking at their matching photo on their passport.

After clearing the Paper's Please for the first time wasn't expecting twenty different endings to this, when I mentioned you had to make choices on who to let people in Arstotzka and looking after your family, either one good or bad move during gameplay can lead to an ending you wouldn't expect at all, there are achievements which you can collect only have thirteen in total so it's worth the play through and a reason to come back to playing more of Paper's Please you'll be surprised how addictive it can be.