A great RPG featuring Italian plumbers and turtles.

User Rating: 9.4 | Mario Story N64
:Good Idea:
·Graphics are just un-frickin-belieable. They're crazy cool looking. Paper Mario is exactly how it looks. They blended 3D graphics with paper thin character models. I'd say they're good 3D characters but I don't think that's true. They're awesome 3D paper thin animated characters. Hard to explain.
·Terrific RPG elements mixed in the Mario universe. Funny, clever, and down-right awesome.
·The characters you run into become instant Nintendo classics. Paper Mario games should never go away.

:Bad Idea:
·I only wish they game were even longer. It's such a great game that you never want it to end.
·Luigi, although he has a point, isn't avaliable to join you in battle. Sadnessess.
·Princess missions are important but she's pretty boring at times.

·A fine Nintendo game... again. One of my favorite N64 games. One of my favorite Nintendo games ever. Paper Mario will be something to carry on for years to come. Something to be proud to show your kids.