Paper airplanes leave paper trails. Stick to Paper Mario.

User Rating: 9.3 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
:Good Idea:
·The mixture of 2D charaters in a 3D universe is really cool. Sometimes the world unfolds (literally) and you can't make if the game is a true 3D or an illusion. It's pretty cool to show people too because this is a totally original idea (besides the orignal Paper Mario).
·The humor is actually pretty funny this time. Most of the time, Nintendo has humor but its so kiddish that you really don't even giggle. You might smile but that's about it. This one actually cracks you up at times.
·Luigi is in the game... but more of a cameo type character. It actually works because you get to find out that Luigi is actually just a fat liar.
·Ok, this had to be mentioned. There's an actual side-scrolling game with Bowser. It's freaking funny and awesome. When I first ran into it, it suprised me and I wanted to run into the bed room, wake up my wife, and drag her in there. Just the 10 seconds it took me to beat it was totally mind blowing.

:Bad Idea:
·The game, although fun, is rather easy. It seems that if you get at least 30 health and spend the rest of your experience... err, star points on badge upgrades, you'll smoke the game.
·Thinking you're the king of the world and fighting a boss with 3 hearts. Ouch-o!

·Paper Mario is $19.99 now for a new copy since it's in the "Player's Choice" club. If you haven't played this, go pick it up. It's a great idea and a good game to get.