one of the best games ever!!

User Rating: 10 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
PM2 is the best RPG on the cube.PM2 brings back a lot of old loved Mario characters as well as some new ones(X-Nauts,Punies etc)Peach and Bowser are both in this game as well. The gameplay is so amazing. The game has almost no flaws.With lots of amazing features that make the gameplay alot better there's all so lots of new puzzles and such. Being able to roam where ever you want in the kingdom enables you to find new badges,enemies and ally's. With lots of new things to do brings lots of new action commands and menu options in battle! Whether it be defend or hammer, its all good. The stage is a great feature for getting star points,fans and even items! But look out for the people who throw rocks and cans!! You know when your really good at the game when you beat the pits, but make sure your strong and have alot of items first!! Overall the game is amazing