Probably one of the best games for the Game Cube!

User Rating: 9.5 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
You start off the game by receiving a letter from Princess Peach. From there, you go on a lengthy adventure as you collect each of the 7 crystal stars that are said to open a door with a legendary treasure behind it: the Thousand Year Door. Each time you collect a crystal star, you alternate between playing as Princess Peach, Bowser, and then back to Mario. All in all, a fantastic game!

In this game, they do not stress the graphics of the Game Cube, so you get a clear picture of what is happening. There is a nice lengthy storyline, and the game requires for you to level up and choose between upgrading your HP (Health Points), FP (Flower Points), or BP (Badge Points). This isn't a Mario game that you could finish in a couple of hours.

Overall Review:

GRAPHICS: 9.7/10
MUSIC: 9.0/10