who knew you can have so much fun with just paper?

User Rating: 10 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
This being the 1st Paper Mario game I have played, it has made a huge splash into my personal favorites collection. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with it, for everything was perfect!. I will get on witht he review:

Let's start with: Graphics

Graphics are simple and colorful. Basically, it is 2D characters in a 3D Drawn landscape. If you know by now, simple is better. You can see the emotion with ease put into the game because the game doesn't use 3D rendering. For the Graphics, I give it a 10 for being incredible for simple graphics.

Now let's move on with: Story

Honestly, for a mario game, which usually has the same story of Bowser capturing Peach, it is pretty unique. Peach does get captured, but not by Bowser, but by the X-Nauts for unknown* reasons. Peach gives Mario a magical map, which leads him to the Crystal Stars: Special Stones that are capable of finding a great treasure under Rougeport. With a cast of unforgettable characters, you will never get bored of the story. I give it a 10 for being incredibly unique for a Mario title.

Now for key to the main core: Controls

The controls work amazingly! Both casual and hardcore gamers will get a kick out of the control scheme. Outside of battle: B uses hammer, Y is a paper airplane/boat depending on which platform you stand on, R is turning paper-thin, while rotating while holding R turns you into a paper roll. Control Stick moves mario, start accesses the menu, control pad accesses different parts of the start menu, and to go through pipes, tap the direction of the pipe. Battle controls is where these two gaming populations collide. You scroll through a menu of various options with the stick (Each are labeled "Jump", "Hammer", "Special", "Items", and "Tactics"). When you choose to attack, you can increase the damage dealt to your opponent with either a timed button press or something like a minigame (From a regular jump, which requires 2 correctly timed presses of "A", to Specials like "Earth Tremor", which requires filling in all of the stars in the bar.). In your techniques, there is a feature called "Stylish moves". By pressing "A" at the right time of the move, you can increase your special meter to perform even more devastating moves against your opponent. I give this section a 10 for being perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Now it is the main core: Gameplay

This game plays incredibly. Many puzzles to solve, the chance to raise any skill upon leveling up, polished battle system, and using the audience to power up your Star Power. There is no flaw, and you will keep replaying this game for times to come. Even in your old age, you will be like "Imma gonna play my Thousand Year Door." I give this part a 10 because this game is so fun for any duration you play it.

My favorite part of the game: Sound

What can I say about it? The soundtrack is amazing. It never gets boring. Each song fits the mood of the areas and the battles (My personal favorite being "Rawk Hawk Battle Theme"). They are never really repetitive, which is a good thing considering how some other games always have repetitive music. I give this a 10 for some of the best music you will hear in your life.

Overall, this game gets a perfect 10 out of 10. This game is just so amazing on so many levels. I never did play the other Paper Mario games in the series, but by how great this game is, it must be the best in the series.

*You have to find out by playing the game. I know what it is, but I will not spoil anything. You got to discover for yourself.