Paper Mario does it again!

User Rating: 8.8 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
Paper Mario does it again..
You should buy this game, even if you don't like RPG's.
I should gave it a 9.5 but I have noticed a few things:
If you played Paper Mario 64 you may have noticed that Paper Mario on the GC looks allot on his older brother. ( PM 64 )

*Game-play: Paper Mario is so good because it don't get bored easily.
You want to play it all day long!
The battle scenes are very clever made too!

*Graphics: The graphics are full of details, and they're very bright too.
There is always something happening on the background too!

*Sound: The sound is full of details too!
I loved the sound of Paper Mario 64 more though.

*Value: This is maybe the olny disappointing in Paper Mario, it's too easy!
You will bump sometimes on hard battles though.

Overall? ; Paper Mario is an adventure full of things that are funny, dumb but you will never get bored!