The best Paper Mario. The Thousand Year Door is an RPG and comical experience of the awesome Gamecube era.

User Rating: 9.5 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
Paper Mario is a game were you need to love to read. The dialog is funny and serious. The story of the Crystal Stars is quiter the experience. You can play as Mario fully and as you go through the chapters you switch rolls to Peach and Bowser to weave the story together. The paper-esque cutscenes are very creative and unique. The music is great and very memorable. Mario is not going to save Peach this time. Peach mails Mario a magical map, starting his quest in Rogueport. The Mushroom Kingdom is nowhere to be seen in this game. Mario explores new lands and discovers amazing partners. The turn-based RPG game is the same as Paper Mario 64. This game is more refined and Nintendo improved the system slightly but greatly. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a fantastically different RPG.