Epic. Amazing. Fantastic. Superb. Exhilarating. Massive. Fun. Masterpiece. This game is all of those and more.

User Rating: 10 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC
Some of it will be my nostalgia as my first console was the gamecube, but that doesn't detract from the fact that this is one of the single best video games of all time. The genre and gameplay is out there, very different from many other games and even other rpgs. But as a sequal to the hit paper mario game this delivers with making everything you loved about paper mario much better. The story is immersive and memorable. The writing is hilarious and never drags on. The characters are unique and easily loved. The music is perfect and never gets old. The world is expansive, fulfilling and contains many hidden secrets. The combat is original, fun and exciting (the fact that it's on a stage with a crowd adds so much to the game whereas many people would consider it a pointless gimmick at first glance).

Just looking at the cover art for this game brings back great memories and the excitement to play it once again in the future. Of the few games that I can say I have played through multiple times this one takes the cake, even when set next to other amazing games like wind waker and metroid prime.

If you are wondering whether or not you should buy this game, yes you should buy it. This game right here is enough reason to own a gamecube or even an original GC compatible Wii (Not to mention all of the other fantastic games for the GC). Buy this game and play it, don't stop until you beat it and then still don't stop. Other than fully fledged MMOs, fighters and games that capitalize on multiplayer (ie: halo, cod), this has some of the best replay value I have ever seen.

This game is massively underrated, even if the only thing you have read is my review it is still underrated, this review underrates the game. Buy this game and enter into a new chapter of your gaming life.