Actual Rating: 8.4: This is the best Paper Mario game in the series.

User Rating: 8 | Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GC

This game has a great story. It starts off when mario meets goombella. They became allies. Nothing too repetitive here. It is really fun and has amazing graphics for gamecube. Pretty decent and amazing! Long lasting (Finished game in about 13 hours). The best part is, you sometimes need to play as bowser!

Music: 6.5/10. Decent songs, fits pretty well, but it can get repetitive alittle.

Action/Gameplay: 8.5/10. Great Gameplay, barely any glitches!

Graphics: 10/10. Perfect and Recognizable!

Lasting appeal: 8.5/10. Lots of fun stuff to do here. Take your time, finish it in a month, approximately 13 hours of game time!

Overall (Not an average): 8.4/10