Someone help? Very confused.

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Okay so If someone could help me that would be great, I am stuck in a few places, In Loop Loop River, I was able to gain the first sticker star piece, I was able to get it by using the first leaf that dropped onto the poison, But how do I get the second star piece? I follow the second leaf that I knocked down and it leads me to a broken bridge, However I see some type of a scrap across from me but there seems like there is nothing else I can do. Also I have stuck with finding wiggler's other body parts, I found one in world 3 and I was able to return it to wiggler, but the question is where are the other parts located? Thank you to all who read this~ I really cant do anything now since I unlocked most ofl the hidden doors throughout the levels, so I am pretty much stuck until help arrives. =/
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You'll need to complete the broken bridge with (hidden) blocks by jumping from one of the leaves when it passes underneath. Whenever you have trouble progressing, chances are there's a hidden block or two that can be jumped into, hammered, or made solid with a sticker. As for the rest of Wiggler's parts, each will be revealed to you when you enter a level that contains one. World three is a pretty expansive grid, so it takes a good while to reunite all of the segments. Even after you've escorted a segment out of a level, it will usually flee to another part of the map, so anticipate some globetrotting.
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I have a couple of questions if someone could please help me. How do you make the blue toad stop crying cause of his flowers? How can I take the green toad back to town? and how can I find doors? 

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Plant an orange, then blue, then orange flower & you shall be rewarded. The doors are at the 2nd shop you come to.