User Rating: 6.5 | Panzer Tactics DS DS
This game has a lot of options, and it tries to be all militaristic, that's the bad part. You have to tap twice to continue and that's stupid. I don't like this game much, but if you enjoy militaristic game, or if you are a huge fan of strategy games, then tries this game, I couldn't go far, because it didn't start out a good beginning. Other than that, the graphics are pretty cool, I haven't tried out wi-fi yet. Controlling is a bit easy, but I get annoyed with the octagon shape thing. The Sound are ok, and the music suit this game well (that if, you like military game). This game is based on WW2, you can choose side as USA, USSR, or Germany, I don't mind If this game was a first-person shooter, But not on the NDS., I think. that's about it I guess, I can't tolerate games with a non-interesting beginning.