Classic rail shooting

User Rating: 7.5 | Panzer Dragoon SAT
Now it's no were near as great as 3 (also known as saga) but Penzer dragon is proof that the sega Saturn had a lot of good games. The story is that your a young boy who sees a man get killed off his dragon after one of the empiers troops killed him. He ask you to fly his dragon to the tower. So you set off from there taking on waves and waves of enemy fire. It's non stop action. They come from all directions you have to dodge and shoot while avoiding things like falling walls and rocks. What makes the game play so fulint is the abily to turn around 360 degrees. The levels long and after each one you take on a huge boss. The game is hard due to the check point and continue system. Also theres little ways to revive your health. It's a good game and for any one who likes the rail shooters.