An online golf game that you don't want to miss

User Rating: 9 | Pangya PC
This game is all about fun and playing golf. In this game you can buy clothes to strengthen you player control, power, accuracy, spin and curve. And buy golfstick that The variation and combination is hundreds of them to make a great skill in playing golf.

First of all before i tell the about the game im gonna introduce some new character.
There are Nuri, Hana, Arthur, Cecile, Kooh, Max, Arin, Kaz and Lucia.
There are more character than when the game being release first. Lucia is the last character , but maybe there's gonna be some new one.

Im gonna explain the gameplay, there are stroke, tournament, and last is lounge.
Stroke is a gameplay which you can play max 4 players and minimal 2 player, you play with others and you have a waiting turn in stroke, its when others turn to shoot you can sit idly and wait until they finish. In stroke not like it used to be , now there is a treasure price, so if you play and win and get tremendous amount of pang you can get a lot of items for free.
In tournament you can play to 30 players at once and we play at the same time but no waiting turn, so you can finish quick, but after you finish still have to wait for others to finish their game.
And last is lounge, in lounge you can walk around and chill in the blue lagoon, deep inferno or sephia wind and selling your items or buying others player items.

Most of all this game has beautiful graphics anime based, and it attract those who appreciate beauty, not to mention the character.