Pangya Fantasy Golf Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlocking Additional Rings

    How to unlock additional rings in Pangya Tour Mode. Select Pangya Tour Mode then select License Mode. Complete ALL challenges in each course and receive a ring at the end.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Sepia Wind Challenges Accuracy Ring II
    Complete Wind Hill Challenges Accuracy Ring III
    Complete West Wiz Challenges Control Ring II
    Complete Wiz Wiz Challenges Control Ring III
    Complete Blue Lagoon Challenges Curve Ring
    Complete White Wiz Challenges Expert Ring (+1 on all stats)
    Complete Blue Moon Challenges Power Ring II
    Complete Deep Inferno Challenges Power Ring III
    Complete Pink Wind Challenges Spin Ring

    Contributed by: darkphoenyx1970 

  2. Unlocking Additional Papels

    To unlock new Papels you have to purchase 20 pieces of clothing per Papel.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Buy a total of 100 pieces of clothing Apron Papel
    Buy a total of 240 pieces of clothing Clover Papel
    Buy a total of 140 pieces of clothing Dutch Rabbit Papel
    Buy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 40) Gray Rabbit Papel
    Buy a total of 220 pieces of clothing Max Man Papel
    Buy a total of 120 pieces of clothing Military Papel
    Buy a total of 210 pieces of clothing Nyanya Papel
    Buy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 80) Panda Papel
    Buy a total of 260 pieces of clothing Pink Rabbit Papel
    Buy a total of 200 pieces of clothing Rivet Papel
    Buy a total of 160 pieces of clothing Spotted Puppy Papel
    Buy 20 pieces of clothing Striped Papel
    Buy a total of 180 pieces of clothing Wine Red Papel
    Buy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 60) Yellow/Dog Papel

    Contributed by: ShadowRisae, darkphoenyx1970 

  3. Character Unlocking

    Unlock each character by beating the respectable story mode. the level 1 stories are unlocked on a progression. Nuri unlocks Azer's mode Hana unlocks Cecilia's mode and so forth. Kaz's level 1 unlocks after beating all the original 7 character's modes.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Arin's Level 1 story mode Arin
    Clear Azer's Level 1 story mode Azer
    Clear Arin's Level 2 story mode Brie/Cadie
    Clear Cecilia's Level 1 story mode Cecilia
    Clear Cieni's Level 2 story mode Cien
    Clear Kooh's Level 2 story mode Dark Titan
    Clear Kaz's Level 1 story mode Kaz
    Clear Kooh's Level 1 story mode Kooh
    Clear Azer's Level 2 story mode Lola
    Clear Max's Level 1 story mode Max
    Clear Kaz's Level 2 story mode Minti
    Clear Nuri's Level 2 story mode Pipin
    Clear Hana's Level 2 story mode Quma
    Clear Max's Level 2 story mode Tiki
    Clear Cecilia's Level 2 story mode Titanboo

    Contributed by: HyperSZ 

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