great kids adventure game! love this one, great stories as well

User Rating: 9.6 | Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside PC
Humongous was famious for these series, putt-putts, spy fox, freddi fish,& the great backyard sports. they got shut down by atari in 2001 it made me sad, any way theise games are great kids adventure games a point and click, the best part is THE MAPS CHANGE every thing changes when you play it, SO IT NEVER GETS OLD. my mother uses it for her classroom after the years its great for kids they love it. (get them reaedy for myst early hu?!) the graphics are cartoony more that realistic tho they are kinda cute, the stories are really good. IM really suprised that not meany people have this game on there collections in fact as of right now i am 1 out of 2! its shocking this is an old classic!. any way if you read this which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!, i suggjest you get your hands on it its discontinued but you can still find it at some places. go get it for your kids, you might hve trible with the os compatibties!!!