It might not be as impressive as when it came out, but this game is great for kids or die hard fans!

User Rating: 7.5 | Pajama Sam in Don't Fear the Dark WII
First of all, I would like to say that I am 17 years old and I mainly know this game because it is on pc. When I heard it was coming to the wii, there wasn't a single second of hesitation: I'm buying this one for sure! The fact that I grew up on these games really is the only reason (at first) that these guys got some of my money. But, except for a few things that are out of place, this game does a great job of gaving a second life to a amazing game.

Let's start with the first thing I find bad: The name. Really, why did they change it? It really was cool that all Pajama Sam games had a rhyming title but now, they ruinde it. For what reason? I hope it had something to do with money otherwise this was not a good pick.

Afterwards, when you will first get to the cd menu, you will probably notice a music playing. The music is very good but, any fan will recognize that the song is taken form the third game of the series. What happens if they make a remake of the third game? Put the same music again?

Now, apart from that, there are two major changes in the game: the controls and the start menu. The control are really simple, just move the wiimote around like you would do with a mouse in a point and click game. The pointer is still the same as on pc and that really adds a nostalgic value to the experience. Also, the menu has been re-done completely, though it does not change much because it keeps the same functions.

When you finally get in the game, you get the same exact thing as the game on pc except for minor diferrences. For example, the game is now faster than it was on pc. Sometimes, it almost gets scary if you are used to the pc wersion, but it does not really affect the game at all. Also, the nuggets minigame seems much harder on the wii and will need a bit of getting used to for old timers. For newcomers, it should not be a problem.

Now, I have one last complaint before making my conclusion. This one comes from the box of the game. It states that you can reach over 20 hours of gameplay with this game. For old timers, getting through the game 2-3 times (to go through all the possible ways) Should not take much more than 5 hours. Even for kids, this game is a quickie.

In conclusion, this game sits in my shelf proudly. Yeah, it could have been a lot better and they could have made new stuff but, the wii version of this game really gets the job done and makes these classic titles available again for our youth. And you never know, maybe we will see more re-makes being made in the future (this would be at my great pleasure).