To much overrated. If I could I'd give 0,1 score.

User Rating: 1 | PAIN PS3
Don't waste your money. I know I did. Give it back Sony...

This game is so damn boring that i cryed in despair.
Why... I wasted 10 bucks on this crap. OMG, give it back Sony.

The developer was smart. They made a cool video trailer with fun explosions and awesome rock music. Well, i thought it might be fun and the price wasn't expensive.

Lol, when i started the game for the first time I noticed no music in background.
"Where's the awesome Rock music that I saw in the trailer? " I checked the options and the only thing i saw was a playlist maker with no musics in it. From what i understood i needed to upload music to my ps3 and make my own playlist.
Wtf. At least put some awesome repetive music like Flatout had.

Right there the game lost 70% of its charm.

There is no fun at all seeing a guy flying into a wall and don't even see a drop of blood or brain mater. Yeah i understand that they want to release the game to all ages, but they could have added a parental lock or something like that.

One map? Really? Payed DLC? Really? No thank you!

Boring, boring, boring. Biggest waste of money in my whole life.
Played it for 5 minutes and deleted it.

When you see this game, run and don't look back.

PS: Sorry my bad English.