From looking at player reviews I thought pain was going to be rubbish,I was wrong

User Rating: 8 | PAIN PS3
I downloaded Pain just to use up the last bit of my money but believe me its far better than most people make out. I guess whether you like pain or not depends on what sort of gamer you are,if your hardcore and want a game with long lasting action and satisfaction for progressing then pain probably isn't for you.

I personally get so addicted to games like this with an "undeniable charm"

The Good: hillarious gameplay, very addictive , charming graphics, just plain fun,alot of additional content to keep you playing,plenty of interaction during flight,great if you have friends round,

The Bad: not that much content in the base game, with only two maps gameplay can get repetitive

Pain is designed for short bursts,hours of playing will only leave you bored.
The game comes with 3 characters and two base maps although the second one in the contryside isn't much fun.But the first city map alone is great,it includes sandbox mode with no aims or restrictions,fun with explosives,bowling,monkey attack(cant remeber the proper name) there are
also more free unlockable modes and variations of the first scenary.

If you have playstation move then your lucky because you can download some free additional modes and other stuff.each map as about 7 or 8 hours of fun play and more depending on if you play in bursts

for even more fun i recommend downloading the museum and ski slope add on packs.

Overall verdict: If you enjoy addictive games like trash panic then you will love pain and you should buy it!

REVIEW UPDATED: i have just discovered that there is 4 free character add-ons and one of the map packs comes with 2 maps in it and pain olympics so if your on a strict budget then these are helpful additions