Total waste of time and money. Based on a Gimmick.

User Rating: 1 | PAIN PS3
This game is fun for about 10 minutes and then you will regret ever purchasing it and wishing there was some refund policy on Downloaded games. Most of the stuff in the game is locked and needs to be purchased, yeah rip-off.

Then what the game does try to do well with physics is just stupid and not very ground breaking at all. The parts that are supposed to be funny aren't and even if you manage to chuckle the fact that you will be reloading your player and shooting all over again will take any of that fun away. The game itself is based on a repetitive gimmick that gets old way to fast. What can be taken from this game is to be very wary of any game that doesn't offer a demo to try it, because if I had played the demo I would have know this would get old fast.

This game is a total waste of time and while playing it you will be as bored as ever, Avoid at all cost.