Pain comes out with another great, over priced, expansion!

User Rating: 8 | PAIN: Movie Studio PS3
Pain is one of the most interesting games I have ever played. This expansion just adds to the awesome, just like the other environments, there is a ton of crap to break and blow up, and that is a very good thing

- Just as funny as any of the other expansions
- 3 places to launch your guy from
- Addictive
- Great Multi-Player
- You can get hit by a golf cart

- Still overpriced at $6
- There isn't anything about it that makes it memorable

Story: N/A

Sound: 8/10
Just as good as the others. There isn't a whole lot that's going on in the background, but the impact noises are still as cringing as they can get.

Graphics: 7/10
Nicely detailed, there is a ton going on, and the frame rate keeps up, but there isn't anything stellar about them

Difficulty: N/A

Controls: 7/10
Very easy to get used to, but Ooch still is clunky and sometimes annoying.

"Fun" Factor: 9/10
This game is a ton of fun, there is no denying it. The movie set will give you a ton of new things to break yourself with including a Helicopter that explodes sometimes. Horse is also a ton of fun with friends

Should I buy it?
Well if you have pain!, and you've got $6. This may be a nice addition, but if you don't have the amusement park expansion pack, get that one first. This one is #3 after amusement park and museum.