Good game where it has no sense. Free broking, free fart but not everything is free. Fun for a while.

User Rating: 7 | PAIN PS3
I really like the idea of throwing you're character from a giant sling shot through a city and wreck havoc over the city (especially crashing in the grandmother). It's hard to believe how much a human body can trash a city. The better it's when I get scores for posing while flying in the air, then crashing and breaking, my jaw, my legs, my arms, my skull which give me some more points!

The characters can fart in the air!

After I downloaded the game, every free DLC, unlocked everything I could with what I had free, I got bored. It took me a few hours. I had few characters with different costumes, one level where I could play from few different angles, few different modes. If I wanted more I had to pay for some levels and characters.

I enjoyed it some more while playing multiplayers, we had a blast my buddies and me. But after a while, we switched game.

There is no story. That's what I like about games, to know that there is a reason to go on. I know the game doesn't help to immerse in good story, but they could have though of something crazy with a game that crazy!