Honestly, do NOT get this....

User Rating: 3 | PAIN PS3
I really am optimistic when reviewing games, I always press on the good thins and only bring up the stuff that's bad if there really is a reason too. But when it comes to this 'game' I honestly can't find a singular good thing to say about it rather than its satisfying sometimes watching you butt-plant on a random pedestrian, slightly weird but true.

Believe me, when I bought this game I was looking forward to it; after hearing all the hype about its enjoyment and what not I couldn't wait to get started. After thinking I would be spending decades causing havoc and destruction in the levels of the game, I sadly placed down the controller.Never in my life had I felt so scammed. Shortly after starting the game I realised that there was only one area that was accessible, and you have to purchase the others (at a ridiculous price I might add) and you don't have full access to every character you have to pay for them too. If I had known about this I would never have bought the game. I know what you'r going to say, 'well you should have read some reviews about it first!' And your absolutely right, but alas I did not and now I have learnt from my mistake :P

Overall, a very disappointing purchase, I highly recommend not buying this game or you will be left feeling totally ripped-off. I may be exaggerating too much, but that is how I feel.

Thank you for giving your time to read my review. Happy Gaming! :)