Really and truley in every sense of the word the BIGGEST rip-off on the Playstation Network. DO NOT BUY.

User Rating: 3 | PAIN PS3
The gameplay is just subpar and not really worth spending the money on.

Add into the equation that you drop the $10 to buy the game, download it, and then realize that once you boot the game up you only get 10% of the game.

What is with that PSN!?!

If you want more than a few levels you have to BUY them individually; a true rip-off.

I could not have felt more letdown and ripped off.

If you are going to sell a game... sell the damn game in it's entirety please!

I HIGHLY recommend that if you are looking for a cheap and worthwhile game you look elsewhere!

Now... if all of the levels were available for the $10 ticket price, I don't really believe that even then the game is worth it.

I sat down and played the game and within 10 minutes I was bored and regretting the purchase.

Pay somebody $10 to bang your head against the table and you will be more satisfied.

PSN... Cut. It. Out.