Pain is fun for a while - but after some time, it gets old. Enjoy the fun while it lasts!

User Rating: 4.5 | PAIN PS3
Pain is a rather fun game where you slingshot your character around the city. The game is limited to only one level but with extra downloadable content you can unlock more features and levels.

This game may be fun for a while, but after that, it gets old and boring. You may have some fun collecting the trophies, too. It can give you a quick laugh while you're not feeling well as well.

For people who like injuring themselves in real life, you can do it on the PS3 - pain free!

There are some cool things you can do too, you can go inside chimneys, get hit by bowling balls, hit trains off the tracks and cause destruction. There are some other cool game modes like bowling which is fun. The graphics aren't that bad for a downloadable game.

In overall, if you have the spare money, you can buy this game - you never know, you may like it.