User Rating: 10 | PAIN PS3
I finally found this game on blu-ray the other day and i bought it within a blink of an eye its just plain fun the physics is awesome and plus there's a big bunch of downloadable add-ons from the PSN its a game that i will never get bored of, every shot is different, every fall is different, everything is your way!

The price i got for the blu-ray version was £17.99 because it includes 3 levels and 15 ''zany'' characters to choose from, on PSN i think its around £2.00 or £3.00 because it only comes with one level and one character ?i think? you can buy levels for £1.00 ?i think? and the characters are 80p ?i think?

My favorite level would be the museum for the shear fact its just so so fun to smash or grab stuff while you fly through the air.

I hope i persuaded you to buy it because its amazing.

My view: Buy it.