Sounded good at first, but really not that great.

User Rating: 6 | PAIN: Sore Spots PS3
This was a pretty good expantion pack, except for the fact that there isn't enough to do in the 2 places that they give you. This is still a really fun game, I personally wouldn't reccomend it, I would go with the amusement park first.

Painolympics are really fun
Comes with 2 different places compared to the 1 in all the other ones
Better Multi-Player than all the other Pain Expantion packs

Enviornments are really small, and don't have enough to do.
Not as fun as downtown and the amusement park
Still doesn't come with any new characters
No new game modes except painolympics

Overall this is an okay expansion, I just wish that I could compare it to the Museum and Movie studio.