A boring version of the godzilla series.

User Rating: 5 | Pacific Rim X360
Pacific Rim is a game that looks a little like the Godzilla series,but very disappointing.Lacking content,unrealistic,among other things,combine to make a terrible excuse of a game.The gameplay is simple and fun in the beginning,but gets boring fast.The characters look exactly the same as those in the game,so it looks good on the screenshot,but in reality this is not the case.You should think twice if you are planning to buy this game and safe your money for something that is worth it.This game may seem cheap,but with the most characters being DLC,this will cost even more that is worth.Overall,this game is bad,but if you liked the movie and the game Godzilla:Unleashed and/or Godzilla:Save the world,you might,just might,like it.