review 57

User Rating: 3.5 | Pac-Man A800
hello people what is a atari 400/800.well atari had a computer
and made games for it.well one of these games is pac-man.
the first thing first.the cover art stinks.pac-man is running in a
castle?also wearing basketball shorts and wearing a shirt of
himself and the dots are read or whatever they are.pac-man
should never have hands.he is a? this is it.bye gamers.
wait oh yes i have to review this game.its just like the old school
arcade that was #1 in the arcades.the graphics are good for
a computer system.unlike the pac-man on atari who got
buried with yes pac-man has no plot.well ms.pac-man
has a get you must run away from
ghost in so many levels.if you are goona buy
the xbox arcade one.or namco collection.gotta go check my
mail again.OMG a letter.dear Andrew,we are goona banned
you from gamespot unless you go on the mega man adventure.
fight the noid,play deadly towers,clash at demon head and
any other bad is a map.find Dr.wily and kill him.
well adventure time.