The first Pac-man game that started it all.

User Rating: 8 | Puck-Man ARC
This was first brought to arcade 22 years ago and it is still very awesome.This game is passable and once you play this you will have the pac-man fever.This game is great and it never ends.This has great levels in it.As you play it gets harder but at first it is easy.The goal of the game is pretty much getting the dots and trying to avoid the ghost but it is a whole lot more fun then it looks.This game has good graphics even in the arcade version.Once you play this in the arcade you will be playing it for a while.This game gets me going once I play it.If you play this you will be amazed on how great this game is.22 years later and this is still in arcades and it is still awesome and will always be awesome.In this game there is a certain pac dot that turns the ghost blue and you earn bonus points and there will be other bonus points.Score 8.0 out of 10.