This game is great.

User Rating: 8 | Pac-Man GB
I got this on the 3DS eshop and it is very fun this is worth the money you pay for it.This is a pac-man port that is almost better then the original one.This is just the same pac-man it doesnt really have much added but it is a rocking game to have on the go.I didnt play this on the gameboy I played it on the 3DS.This game has even 2 player on it this is a fantastic pac-man port.If you really like pac-man then you should get this on 3DS if you dont have a gameboy or get pac-man and galga because that is a even better port.This has the same pac-man gameplay but the only thing added is 2 players but if you are a big pac-man fan then you should really get this port.Dont listen to the bad reviews of this game because this is one of the best gameboy games ever.This game is a very passable game.Score 8.0 out of 10.