Arcade conversions don't get any worse than this....

User Rating: 2 | Pac-Man 2600
The year is 1981, and Pac-Man is living it large in the arcades of America and Japan. But then, a programmer named Tod Frye is given the task of trying to convert the game for the Atari 2600. He was given little time to do this, thus resulting in a dreadful, flickering mess of a game.

Unless you've just been born or you have been living under the worlds biggest rock you must have played Pac Man, in case you haven't you play as a yellow pizza-shaped guy called Pac Man (obviously) and you have to eat all of the pellets while avoiding ghosts. You can destroy the ghosts by eating flashing pellets, which turn the ghosts dark blue and allow you to eat them. This is the objective of the Atari 2600 version, but it's all screwed up and bogged down with glitches. The design of the maze is bad, there are way too many gaps and the maze is quite large making avoiding the ghosts easy. Another annoyance is when you eat a power pellet causing the ghosts turn blue and flicker around the screen. The pellets are not even circular, there just lines that aren't even the same length half the time. Also even without the power pellet the ghosts still flicker around the screen.

These errors make the game pretty much unplayable, and Tod Frye became a millionaire because of this steaming pile of crap. They made 12 million cartridges of this awful conversion and is claimed by many to be one of the key causes of the video game crash of 1983. In my opinion just stick to the conversions you know and love (like the iPhone conversion) and stay several feet away from this miserable excuse for a game