It's Pac-Man,what more could you ask for?

User Rating: 7.5 | Pac-Man GB
Well,Pac-Man for the Gameboy is a pretty good port of the classic arcade hit.To start,I'll talk about the presentation.The over-all graphical power Pac-Man brings to the Gameboy,is nothing amazing,but the entire game plays well with no serious problems in the presentation.

All of the sound effects,from Pac-Man eating a ghost,to a ghost eating Pac-Man,sound really good for being on the Gameboy.The sound track fits the game well,with a fast paced beat.

To be honest,the game play for Pac-Man really doesn't need explaining,unless you've been living under a rock for the past thirty or so years,but I'll explain anyway.You play as Pac-Man,a half-circle creature,and go around collecting all the dots in a maze that continually repeats.The catch though,is that you have to dodge ghosts,which try to eat you,and in doing so,give you that unpleasant GAME OVER screen.You can eat the ghosts though,by using a special power boost that lasts a certain amount of time,and your only given four during each level.Pac-Man is a very challenging title,but one that will last a long time in re-play value.

Final Verdict:An over all great port of Pac-Man,Pac-Man for the Gameboy is a must have for those who want to bring the classic game with them on the go.