This game's controls really bring it down.

User Rating: 5.7 | Pac-Man X360
Pac-Man is a classic game. As such, you'd think that an easy conversion to a modern download-only bargain gaming service would be a no-brainer, something so simple that it would be almost impossible to screw up. Unfortunately though, that's pretty much what happened with this XBL Arcade version of the classic game. This release feels rushed, slightly sloppy, and comes with some very poor controls.

To begin with, almost everything that you could want from Pac-Man is in here, including an online score feature that allows you to match your own scores up against those of anyone else who's downloaded the game themselves, including people on your friends list. Problems arise however with the game's level select feature, which allow you to start at whatever stage you've already reached, making some of the game's distance-based achievement points far too easy to earn. Bigger problems arise in the form of the game's controls, which often feel incredibly unresponsive or just as if they're simply ignoring your commands. Pac-Man is a game that requires fast reflexes to succeed, and these controls make quick reactions incredibly difficult, which really brings the game down.

The game's presentation is solid, even if the game still looks and sounds the same way it did over twenty years ago. There are some nice-looking pictures surrounding the gameplay field, simulating the appearance of an actual arcade cabinet. The sound is on the simplistic side, but it sounds exactly the same way that Pac-Man always has, so those who are fans of the game from other places will enjoy it more than enough.

At full price, a game like this would be utterly unacceptable. At a budget price such as this however, it is possible to recommend Pac-Man to those who are already fans of the game. It does give you the opportunity to match your own skills against others all across the world, which is a really cool feature. But to do any of this, you need to get past the game's wrenched controls, which really drag the entire thing down. It's worth a download, but mostly to people who are already Pac-fans.