Chomping power pellets has never been so much fun.

User Rating: 8.6 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
Normally I would never try to write a review on a game like this, I mean how is their really to say about game where you speed through a maze eating dots and avoiding the all too familiar ghosts? The answer is plenty. Pac-Man Championship Edition is a finely polished take on a arcade classic. It has been tweaked in all the right places so that it feels different and yet still the same Pac-Man that I play as kid in the dimly lit arcades and bowling alleys across America. In this version of the game time is your biggest adversary far more so than the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. There are multiple modes to choose from and all are timed. The maze is area is widened out this time and only contains a few pellets on each side. (at first) The object to to quickly devour all the pellets on either the left or right side of the maze to make the fruit appear on the opposite side of the maze you're on. Once you eat the fruit a pulsing wave is triggered sweeps across the other side of the maze. While this wave replenishes the that side of the maze with pellets, it also alters the maze's wall configuration. Power pellets are also back, when you chomp one of these bad boys the normally aggressive and relentless ghosts turn blue and immediately run for the hills. Now is the time for your revenge so get chomping. If you string your ghost chomping just right you can chain together quite a string of chomps, and you will unlock an achievement after doing this to eight of the little buggers, I have gotten up to thirteen. As you progress through and time ticks away the game will speed up and before you know it your little pac dude will be zipping through the maze at crazy speeds. The ghosts will try to keep pace with but in the straight they don't hold a candle to you. Another new twist in the game is speed cornering, when you push the stick in the direction that pac-man is turning a split second before you make the turn pac-man will take the turn at a break neck pace, you'll know your doing it properly by the sparks being emitted from his rear. Visually the game looks like....well like pac-man. It has been enhanced though. The maze itself is dimmer and pulsating along with a techno track and it fits the game nicely. The characters in the game all leave little tracers behind them as they move about. Overall the game is the same pac-man that we have all known and loved for a generation now. The creators have managed to add just the right tweaks so that it is fun to play and the new look fits perfectly with what you are playing. The biggest drawbacks are: 1. No multiplayer options of any kind and with the set up they are using it could've easily been done. 2. the 800 XBL price point may be too steep for most gamers. Microsoft should drop it down to 500 and they will have a download hit. Try the demo and you'll be hooked. Definitely one of the best downloads from XBL I have gotten.