Its still Pac-Man,and its still a whole lot of fun.Enjoy the new twists!

User Rating: 8.2 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
Pac-Man just wont die.Sadly Pac-Man has sucked a whole lot of cherry lately.With tons of annoying spin offs and remakes.But here comes CE to save the day.This game is fun.

Now most people may be a tad confused at first because this is a time based pac-man.It can make it both harder and easier.How long can you survive?There are quite a few modes for you to endure.Championship mode being the easiest.There there are some challenge modes which are harder.Example would be there is a dark maze to travel through making it harder to navigate and you can get stuck in some corners,making you easy prey to ghosts.

The graphics are nice.There is some interesting effects and Pac-Man looks better than ever.THOUGH its not an amazing looking game it is easy on the eyes,and its not gonna give you a headache.Its a high res Pac-Man we have all come to know and love.

Ready to hear a lot of annoying soap biting?Its classice,but it will annoy you after a few hours of gameplay.There are still the same old sound effects though and they aint all that bad.

There are a lot of modes in PMCE to keep you busy for a while,have fun getting you're high scores and unlocking the games fun achievements.

All in all PMCE is a great game you should truly download if you are even slightly interested in Pac-Man or are an old fan ready to go back to you're old yellow friend.