I want my original Pac-Man!!! But, If you're into the graphics and gameplay... This version is pretty awesome!!!!

User Rating: 8.7 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
I loaded up Pac-Man Championship Edition and well, it's not the Pac-Man I used to steal quarters from my moms purse when I was a kid for. This is the new, improved, we got more bang for your bucks Pac-Man!!!!!!!!!!
With the new level designs and revamped gameplay this is a whole new world of ghost munching, dot chomping , power pellet gulping frenzied festival that's on par with the skills gamers have today.
The graphics are substantially better than the original version. With the addition of the light waves revealing more of the board at every pass, it blends graphics with more challenging gameplay. The pace is picked up here, it feels more like Ms.Pac-Man in that respect. The creative level designs really got me hooked with escape tubes up, down, left and right as I gobbled down pellets and ghosts. The achievements are all attainable, with some effort and a whole lot of fun. There may be some grumbling when you get sparked out of existence only to rematerialize right back, on the spot, to continue your game. For some reason, getting killed by the ghosties doesn't have that same negative feeling attached to it anymore, it could be the fluorescent playing field distracting me with all the shiny new elements of play!
I recommend this game, I loved Pac-Man when was a kid and still do... I will always hold a special place for that yellow ghost buster...
Waka Waka!!!!