awesome.. this is pacman for the 21st century!!!

User Rating: 9 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
championship pacman really makes pacman into a whole new experience. widescreen mazes, great sound and graphical effects. it now has a techno beat that keeps getting faster and faster up to the end. the different modes have a time limit so its a race against the clock. i downloaded the demo and quickly purchased it because it hooked me up on its gameplay.... it has different modes so you can choose the modes depending on how you want to spend your time.

the championship mode starts off slow and gradually starts getting faster. after 3 minutes pacman and the ghosts are faster than even ms pac man. its pretty crazy but great at the same time. the other modes are pretty good too, some starting with turbo speed from the start. all in all a very good way to inject some pacman fever into the gaming world once again. highly recommended!