while i am not a pac-man expert this game is to hard

User Rating: 7.5 | Pac-Man Championship Edition X360
Pac man is now in a new game. They are all based on the same first one. U eat dots as you try to avoid ghosts. I am not sure if this is a new feature,but now you can collect furit.In this verison the graphics are much better than the old verison(of course).There are modes that represnt each challange. The easiest is Champisonshi[p mode. There is are about 2 Challange and 3 extra modes. They all are the same thing,but thre is a catch to each.Want to know,get the game. there is one thing with the game that annoys me,it is to hard. it will take you some tries to do the easiest mode. 2 are 5 minutes and like 4 10 minutes one.The ghost are like expects at trapping you.,but if u get 2,000 point you will get a bonus life.Here is a fun part. There are some big dots, those dos let you eat ghost. This is like in mario an invincibilitily star. Execpt once you eat a ghost it can reform and kill you though. If u do a long streak by collecting more than one big dot they can come up with massive points. Anyway this game is worth getting for pac man lovers. Also if u want a challanging game this is ur game.if u hate challanges i would not recommend it. So by now i am going to paly pac man C.E. (Champion edition):p