Incredible game

User Rating: 10 | Overwatch (Origins Edition) PC
This is the most incredible game I have ever played it is a fast paced game I play it all the time with my friend. We can sit there for hours just playing this game.all you have to do is pay the $60 and you won't regret it you don't have to spend any more you get a loot box every 20,000 xp so you don't have to spend real money for loot boxes you can but you don't have to and most of the legendary skins in the game are awesome you also feel so happy when you get them just because how hard they get and you can't buy in game curency so it's all in the luck of the boxes to get currency or skins and the gameplay is so awesome and smooth there are so many characters to choose from so it's always fun to try someone new and the maps are great as well it's fun to findicate different ways to eliminterview people for example with lucio's boop they fly of the edge with roadhog's hook you can throw pepole of the edge and it's so different every game if you can you should definatley buy this game