Most fun in a fps I've ever had

User Rating: 10 | Overwatch PC

I didn't really hype for Overwatch and only tried it when my friend told me that the beta was on. In my first game I fell in love, the movement was perfect and with the characters different abilities every game I played felt unique and special. I played about 10-12 hours of the beta and I made sure to preorder the game straight away. I have now played the game for 16 hours since official release and I have not got the slightest bit tired of it, which with most fps games I would have had to take pleanty more breaks and start to feel repetitive. It has a great polish and feels complete in every way it is a 10/10 recommend for anyone who enjoys online multiplayer and if you're not really into fps games but have friends to play this game with you will still find it amazingly fun.