If you ask the average EoC hater why they quit RS3 they'll likely say "eoc sucks"

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If that's the point that people who say "eoc sux made me quit the game lel" are trying to make, then I think they're fooling themselves. Much worse things have happened to the game than EoC so for them pin their dislike of the game on that one update just sounds ignorant. There were people who quit during effigyscape because they didn't like the direction that the game was going in when you could do something completely unrelated to a skill and still get the best xp/hr in it.

Lastly, this video in particular is a bit different because it pertains to major news about the game, and even people who have never played the game might be curious, but if people have time to watch RS videos by several different content producers then I don't think they had a problem putting time into the game itself.

Everyone that plays RS3 has heard pretty much every argument/opinion against EoC you can come up with in the past 3.5 years. One person having an opinion doesn't "prove" anything. Also, every vote would count, if we were voting on something, but we aren't. 2007RunescapeGold.com Sell Cheap fast runescape gold. We offer Runescape 3 Gold! 2007RunescapeGold.com helps Player find the perfect RS 3 Gold at the right price. There isn't some vote going on to remove EoC, it will likely be a part of RS3 until the game is eventually shut down, so I don't see the point in people rambling about EoC after so long.

Realistically they wouldn't care about how many people are playing, but how much money they are making, and they seem to be doing fine at this point.