This isn't the game we wanted but its the game we got

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#1 Giblet
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Coming from a long time fan of the overlord series, this isn't what many thought would be the next game in the series, and people are disappointed and rightly so, there's so much potential for a next generation overlord game, with so many features that could be included, but there are some good things about this game, for instance the slightly dark comedic tone is still here and its great, it definitely feels like an overlord game in that aspect and it doesn't completely butcher the lore either, i hope that there's a new overlord game that fully captures the feeling of its predecessors, please comment what new features you'd like to see in the next installment.

(Disclaimer) I don't want to bash to hard this game or the developers of the overlord games, i know this wasn't a direct sequel to overlord 2 and they tried to make this game stand on its own which is fair.