It's like a simplistic Super Mario 64 with furry talking animals.

User Rating: 7.4 | Over the Hedge DS
Gameplay- It’s just like Super Mario 64 but instead of King Koopa you have the Guard Dog & instead of Shrooms lying around everywhere you have Snacks. Come on…who doesn’t love Snacks!? Over the Hedge for the DS is a platformer through & through with an impressive 3-D graphics engine. It isn’t just a run & gun platformer either, you have to use the ancient art of sneaking, it’s very reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid. The objectives do get slightly repetitive after awhile but it’s excusable since you should’ve been prepared for that when you purchased the game. Graphics- Like I said before it has a very impressive 3-D graphics engine it’s somewhere between Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll and Super Mario 64 DS.

Sound- This is where I definitely disagree with Frank Provo’s review I think the sound was outstanding! The voice-overs where smooth & clear, the music was vibrant & original, & the sound effects where perfect.

Value- I think it has an okay price tag for what you’re getting but I’d say if you can handle the wait pick it up when your local videogame store gets it used. Tilt- I think this game definitely surpasses a lot of the more recognizable 3rd party DS games like Viewtiful Joe, Tak: Juju Challenge, & Pac-Pix so I think it deserves a little recognition. Overall Over the Hedge is like Super Mario 64’s teddy bear, it’s fuzzy, short, & smells a little. It’s a decent platformer with solid graphics, nothing to special, but it can still hold it’s own.